Wodonga Engine Specialists

Your engine is the hardest working component in your vehicle, for example, in a four stroke engine, when your tachometer is showing 2000 RPM, that means each piston in the engine is enduring 1000 small explosions a minute. Even with regular maintenance, repairs are sometimes needed.  

Here at Gricey’s Workshop, engines are our speciality. Whether it’s performance and motorsport vehicles (including drifting and burnout vehicles), or a passenger car that gets you from A to B, we have a wealth of experience to draw on and all the latest equipment and tools to ensure we provide you with the highest quality service possible.

While our expert team of technicians can help you any and all engine services, our most common services are:

  • Engine rebuilds
  • Engine reconditioning
  • Engine testing
  • Engine blocks
  • Cylinder heads
  • Camshafts
  • EFI Diagnostics
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